Tip Of The Day — How to Find Great Golf Destinations

I love a great golf trip with buddies, I mean who doesn’t right? Whether it is far away or even just a weekend thing a great golf trip is what can heal the soul.

After improving my game by about 8 shots a round thanks to London Golf Academy, I took the opportunity to try my new game a La Quinta golf resort in California. Wow what a place. Not only is it top notch golf but it is top notch everything you can imagine.

We loved it for the most part, the staff were fantastic the service was great, and the staff explained everything they could about the course. Greens need a little work but understand at this time of the season course needs some work. Beautiful club house that was absolutely huge and caverness! You could seriously walk around for days just in the clubhouse.

We had amazing dinning experience and the wives that went that did not want to play golf went to the spa and sat by the pool and even did some shopping that was near by. The courses were easy to find and flying into Palm Springs couldn’t be any easier.

We played for 5 days and I tell ya man it was hot! Even though the greens were a bit brown I can’t believe how good of shape they were in due to the heat and the dryness of the air and the season. So much work goes into prepping a course like this it must be very hard to maintain it for such long dry periods.

Not only was the course nice but i got to witness my first hole in one ever! No it wasn’t mine but my buddy Kevin got his first ever. He hit a fantastic 7 Iron about 165 yards to a par 3, bounced twice and had just a majestic rolling to the cup. That golf ball was just destined to end up where it did. We freaked out! Kevin lost his mind and was running around like a mad man. I think we worried a few people that day on the course but we didn’t care. Anyway it was great and we wont soon forget it.

I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone looking for a nice getaway

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